Need your DSG serviced?

VW and Audi DSG service

Did you know that dirty oil can overheat your gearbox and cause the clutches to burn out in your DSG? The DSG is a direct shift gearbox that uses the smooth two clutch system, with semi-manual control or full automatic convenience. The DSG is marketed in Audi’s vehicles as “S-Tronic”. Dual-clutch transmissions were first derived from an in-house development team at Porsche. These were designed in the 1908’s to be used for Porsche 962 race cars. A DSG can achieve faster shift times than a traditional manual transmission and clutch, if the DSG is serviced properly.

Dirty oil in the gearbox can be nothing short of a nightmare, causing damage to internal parts and hurting performance of your VW or Audi. Volkswagen recommends that the fluid and filters be changed every 40,000 miles.

O’hara Automotive uses OEM fluids and filters while servicing your DSG. When looking for a Volkswagen specialist in Little Rock to service your DSG, O’hara Automotive has you covered for only $239.00 parts and labor.

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